Mandate of V2V technology (車車間通信の義務化)

A mandate of V2V technology on self-driving cars is indispendable for Level 5 autonomy to become feasible.


※mandate of V2V technology = V2V(車車間通信)技術の義務化

※ is indispensable = 不可欠である

※Level 5 sutonomy = レベル5の自動運転

SELF DRIVE Act (セルフドライブ法・自動運転車法)

SELF DRIVE Act is a regulatory framework to oversee autonomous vehicles that run on public roads in the U.S.


※SELF DRIVE Act = 自動運転車法

※regulatory framework = 法的枠組

※oversee autonomous vehicles= 自動運転車を監視する

Pre-collision throttle control (衝突前加速制御)

Pre-collision throttle control system helps to avoid accidents caused by pedal misapplication.


※Pre-collision throttle control = 衝突前スロットル制御

※pedal misapplication = ペダルの踏み間違い