Ammonium nitrate (硝酸アンモニウム)

The defect of airbag is linked with degradation of ammonium nitrate in the inflator, which is caused by humidity.

※defect of airbag = エアバックの欠陥

※degradation = 劣化

※ammonium nitrate = 硝酸アンモニウム

※(be) caused by humidity = 湿気が原因で

Gesture-driven control (ジェスチャーコントロール)

Gesture-driven control of vehicle interface system will replace the buttons on the dashboard in the further.


※gesture-driven control = ジェスチャーによる操作

HUD (ハッド、ヘッドアップディスプレイ)

The HUD shows the information of the instrument cluster in the driver’s line of sight so that he does not have to take eyes off the road.


※HUD = head-up display, ハッド、ヘッドアップディスプレイ

※instrument cluster = インパネ

※in the driver’s line of sight = ドライバーの視線に

※take eyes off the road = 道路から目を離す

Adaptive cruise control (アダプティブ・クルーズコントロール)

Adaptive cruise control systems adjust the speed and keep a preset distance from the car in front automatically.


※adaptive cruise control = アダプティブ・クルーズコントロール

※keep a preset distance = 事前に設定した距離

Tire-pressure monitoring (タイヤ空気圧モニタリング)

Tire-pressure monitoring system uses sensors at the wheels and alert the driver if the tire air pressure becomes too low.


※Tire-pressure monitoring = タイヤ空気圧モニタリング

※sensors at the wheels = タイヤのセンサー

※alert the driver = ドライバーに警告する

Intelligent Speed Assist (速度制限アシスト)

Intelligent Speed Assist gives warnings to the driver when the car exceeds the posted speed limit.


※intelligent Speed Assist (ISA) = 速度制限アシスト

※posted speed limit = 速度標識


Artificial Intelligence (人工知能)

The number of in-vehicle systems with Artificial Intelligence is expected to increase.


※in-vehicle system = 車載システム

※Artificial Intelligence = AI, 人工知能


Regenerative braking (減速エネルギー回生)

Regenerative braking system recovers the kinetic energy generated during braking and gets it stored as electrical energy in a battery.


※regenerative braking = 減速エネルギー回生 (リジェネラティブ と発音 (かs

※kinetic energy = 運動エネルギー

T-Charge (有毒ガス排出チャージ)

Drivers of old diesel vehicles will have to pay 10 pounds of ‘T-Charge’ when driving into London’s center area.


※T-Charge = toxicity charge, 有毒ガス排出チャージ, 2017年10月23日より施行予定。2006年より前に登録されたディーゼルやガソリン車が主な対象。