Solid State LiDAR (ソリッド・ステート ライダー)

The Solid State LiDAR introduced by an American company has no moving parts, is very compact, and offered at a surprisingly low cost.


※solid state LiDAR = ソリッドステート型ライダー

※have no moving parts = 可動部品がない

※be offered at a low cost = 低いコストで提供されている

Mandate of V2V technology (車車間通信の義務化)

A mandate of V2V technology on self-driving cars is indispendable for Level 5 autonomy to become feasible.


※mandate of V2V technology = V2V(車車間通信)技術の義務化

※ is indispensable = 不可欠である

※Level 5 sutonomy = レベル5の自動運転

SELF DRIVE Act (セルフドライブ法・自動運転車法)

SELF DRIVE Act is a regulatory framework to oversee autonomous vehicles that run on public roads in the U.S.


※SELF DRIVE Act = 自動運転車法

※regulatory framework = 法的枠組

※oversee autonomous vehicles= 自動運転車を監視する

Pre-collision throttle control (衝突前加速制御)

Pre-collision throttle control system helps to avoid accidents caused by pedal misapplication.


※Pre-collision throttle control = 衝突前スロットル制御

※pedal misapplication = ペダルの踏み間違い

CASE (コネクティビティ、自動運転、カーシェア、電気自動車)

Mercedes-Benz puts strategic focus on CASE, which stands for Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric vehicles.


※CASE= ケース(connected, autonomous, shared, electric の略語)

※stand for = 表す

※strategic focus = 戦略的焦点

Level 3 autonomous car (レベル3の自動運転車)

Level 3 autonomous cars can allow the driver to take their hands off the steering wheel during driving.


※Level 3 autonomous cars = レベル3の自動運転車

※take hands off the steering wheel = ハンドルから手を離す

Level 2 autonomous driving (レベル2の自動運転)

Vehicles with features such as lane-keeping assist and cruise control while still need human drivers are regarded as Level 2 for autonomous driving.


※lane-keep assist = レーンキープアシスト

※cruise control = クルーズコントロール

※Level 2 for autonomous driving = 自動運転のレベル2

Level 1 autonomous cars (レベル1の自動運転車)

Level 1 autonomous cars have certain driver-assistance functions such as automatic braking, but the driver controls most of the functions.


※Level 1 autonomous cars=レベル1の自動運転車 (自動運転のレベルは1から5まである)

Lane-centering assist (車線維持支援)

Lane-centering assist is a function to keep the vehicle to stay in between lanes.


※Lane-centering assist = 車線維持支援。Lane-keep assist (レーンキープアシスト)とも言う。

※stay in between lanes = 車線の間に留まる