Ban the sale (販売禁止)

UK government, following France and Norway, is planning to ban the sale of new diesel and gasoline cars starting in 2040 to help reduce air pollution.


※ban the sale of ●● =  ●●の販売を禁止する

※reduce air pollution = 大気汚染を減らす

HCCI (予混合圧縮着火)

HCCI engines are more fuel efficient and emit less NOx compared to SI engines.


※HCCI = Homogeneous Charge Compression Iginition, 予混合着火

※be fuel efficient = 燃費がいい

※NOx = Nitrogen Oxide, 窒素酸化物

※SI = Spark Ignition, スパーク着火

CAFE (企業平均燃費)

NHTSA decided to revisit the plan to increase the CAFE civil penalty from 2019MY.

※ NHTSA (ニッツァ) = National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,米国運輸省道路交通安全局

※revisit = 見直し、再考

※CAFE (カフェ)= Corporate Average Fuel Economy, 企業平均燃費

Cylinder deactivation (気筒停止)

Cylinder deactivation is a way to reduce fuel consumption by switching between using all cylinders and shutting down half of them.


※cylinder deactivation = 気筒停止

※switch betweem A and B =  AとBを切り替える

※shut down = 停止する

Regenerative braking (減速エネルギー回生)

Regenerative braking system recovers the kinetic energy generated during braking and gets it stored as electrical energy in a battery.


※regenerative braking = 減速エネルギー回生 (リジェネラティブ と発音 (かs

※kinetic energy = 運動エネルギー

T-Charge (有毒ガス排出チャージ)

Drivers of old diesel vehicles will have to pay 10 pounds of ‘T-Charge’ when driving into London’s center area.


※T-Charge = toxicity charge, 有毒ガス排出チャージ, 2017年10月23日より施行予定。2006年より前に登録されたディーゼルやガソリン車が主な対象。

Fuel cell vehicle (燃料電池自動車・水素自動車)

The number of fueling stations for fuel cell vehicles is increasing thanks to the government subsidies.


※Fueling stations  = 燃料スタンド(この場合は水素スタンド)

※Fuel cell vehicle = FCV, 燃料電池自動車、水素自動車

※government subsidies =  政府の補助金


Well-to-wheel CO2 (油井から始まる全CO2)

OEMs started to focus on well-to-wheel CO2 emission of their vehicles.


※OEM = ここでは自動車メーカーのこと

※well-to-wheel = 燃料生産から走行まで全工程での

逆に走行時のみのことを tank-to-wheel という。

Hybridization (ハイブリッド化)

Automotive hybridization may look old-fashioned once low-cost EVs are introduced.


※hybridization = ハイブリッド化 (ハイブリディゼイションと発音 ー下線太字にアクセント)

※old-fashioned = 古臭い、時代遅れの

※low-cost EVs = 低コスト電気自動車

AHSS (高強度ハイテン材)

The steel company developed AHSS that has high formability for automobile.


※AHSS (Advanced high strength steel) = 高強度ハイテン材

UHSS (ultra high strength steel/ 超ハイテン)や HSS(high strength steel/ハイテン) もある。

※formability = 成形性