Peer-to-peer car service (他人同士の車両融通サービス)

Ridesharing is a peer-to-peer car service under which car owners rent out their cars to other people.


※ridesharing = ライドシェアリング

※peer-to-peer = 他人同士の車両融通サービス

※rent out = 貸し出す


Ban the sale (販売禁止)

UK government, following France and Norway, is planning to ban the sale of new diesel and gasoline cars starting in 2040 to help reduce air pollution.


※ban the sale of ●● =  ●●の販売を禁止する

※reduce air pollution = 大気汚染を減らす

HCCI (予混合圧縮着火)

HCCI engines are more fuel efficient and emit less NOx compared to SI engines.


※HCCI = Homogeneous Charge Compression Iginition, 予混合着火

※be fuel efficient = 燃費がいい

※NOx = Nitrogen Oxide, 窒素酸化物

※SI = Spark Ignition, スパーク着火