Self-parking (自動駐車)

The new model has a self-parking system that can parallelly park itself at the curb.


※self-parking = 自動運転で駐車すること

※parallelly park = 並列駐車すること

※park at the curb = 歩道脇、道路脇


Purpose-built model (専用モデル)

The OEM introduced a purpose-built hybrid model, not a hybrid derivative of a normal gasoline model.


※OEM = 自動車メーカーのこと

※purpose-built hybrid model = ハイブリッド専用車  (a hybrid-only model, a hybrid-dedicated model, という言い方もできる。hybrid をEVにすればEV専用車になる)

※derivative model = 派生車

Rapid-charging (急速充電)

I wish to have a rapid-charging battery for my EV that can be fully charged in several minutes.


※rapid-charging = 急速充電

※EV (electric vehicle) = 電気自動車

※be fully charged = フル充電される

Mild Hybrid (MHEV)

A mild hybrid vehicle has an electric motor which role is to assist the ICE and does not propel the vehicle on its own.


※mild hybrid (MHEV) = マイルドハイブリッド

※ICE (internal combustion engine) = 内燃エンジン

Range anxiety

Range anxiety is about the fear that batteries will run out and leave the electric vehicle stranded.
※ range = 航続距離
※ be stranded = 立往生する