Rapid-charging (急速充電)

I wish to have a rapid-charging battery for my EV that can be fully charged in several minutes.


※rapid-charging = 急速充電

※EV (electric vehicle) = 電気自動車

※be fully charged = フル充電される

Driver drowsiness detection(居眠り運転検知)

Driver drowsiness detection is one of the features of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.


※driver drowsiness detection = 居眠り検知(drawsiness はドズィネス (下線太字にアクセント)と発音

※Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) = 先進運転支援システム





Mild Hybrid (MHEV)

A mild hybrid vehicle has an electric motor which role is to assist the ICE and does not propel the vehicle on its own.


※mild hybrid (MHEV) = マイルドハイブリッド

※ICE (internal combustion engine) = 内燃エンジン

Vehicle platooning (隊列走行)

Vehicle platooning can be possible if autonomous cars communicate among each other and travel together at same speed.


※vehicle platooning = 隊列走行、かるがも走行 (プラトゥーニング と発音(下線太字にアクセント)

※autonomous car = 自動運転車 (オウトオノモス と発音(下線太字にアクセント)

Defeat device (無効化装置)

The automaker used a software, so-called “defeat device” that makes the vehicle perform in an environmentally friendly manner in laboratory tests.


※defeat device = デフィートデバイス

※environmentally friendly = 環境に優しい

Collision avoidance (衝突回避)

Some car makers offer cars with collision avoidance capability using millimetre-wave radar and a camera.
※collision avoidance = 衝突防止 (collision は コジョン (下線太字にアクセント)と発音
※millimeter-wave radar = ミリ波レーダー

AEB (自動緊急ブレーキ)

Some OEMs offer AEB systems to improve safety of their vehicles.

※OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) = 自動車メーカーのこと。
※AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking) = 自動緊急ブレーキのこと。

SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction)

SCR reduces diesel engine emissions, but it needs DEF replenished periodically.
※ SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) = 選択触媒還元と言い、ディーゼルエンジンの排ガスに含まれる窒素酸化物を浄化する技術のこと。
※ DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) = ディーゼル排気の浄化に使う尿素水のこと(SCRシステムは尿素水に含まれるアンモニアによる還元反応を利用して窒素酸化物(NOx)を水と窒素に分解する)